28 September 2007

Bat for Lashes

So I went to see this band the other night at Bowery Ballroom. It was one of those last minute things, my bro Ross had an extra ticket and there I was with nothing to do. Alls I know is, Ross has good taste in music and he said they were Bjork-ish. I needed little convicing after that, even though it was a Tuesday and all.

The first thing I saw when I walked in was the boy from Ernest Sewn that I have a crush on. He was with some broad. Ross pointed out that he'd never seen so many girls in one place, and pronounced Bat for Lashes a total "chick band". Who are all these boys here? I asked. They came with the girls. Duh. So anyway, Bat for Lashes.

They were oh so much more than I could have expected/hoped/wanted in a new (to me) band. The girls came out on stage wearing these magical sparkly gem store outfits. Well really only one of them had a gem store outfit on, but they all had fancy sparkly headbands on and snazzy little outfits. The singer had loooong straight brown hair and this sort of see through zebra print shirt with huge billowy sleeves that were tight at the wrist, and high-ish waisted pants. So sexy.

I was pretty much blown away by the singing. The music was quite lovely to listen to, they had a great booming drum, did a lot of clapping, some banging of a stick, and at one point there were two guitars and a bass being played at the same time, which pretty much makes me have an orgasm. But it was the singing that was absolutely mesmerizing. The music took a back seat to her voice. The music, which at times felt a bit derivative, though still enjoyable, was a vehicle for her voice. Two songs in I leaned over to Ross and whispered "I want to live and die in her voice." This is a phrase I probably have never uttered before. I may have felt a similar sentiment in the past, but I've never said it aloud.

So, in a nutshell, Bat for Lashes should be everyone's new favorite band.

13 September 2007

The End of an Era

Yesterday morning when I walked out of my apartment to leave for work, I noticed a little something extra on the door leading to the roof. For those of you who have never been lucky enough to come to my abode, I live on the top floor and my door faces the the stairway leading to the roof. The door has this super old, faded, hand written sign on it that says "No roof access", or something to that effect. However, I never paid any mind to that pesky little sign. Who would catch me? My apartment is RIGHT THERE. Not like I would be disturbing the people below, since I am the people below.

The sign is still on the door. In addition to the sign is an alarm. Great sadness has overcome me. No more roof cocktails. No more spying on neighbors from that vantage point. No more fireworks. Now, who out there knows how to disarm those alarms??