06 December 2009

A Light Falls in Brooklyn

The 2:38 pm fall/winter sunlight coming in through my south facing window hits on my block mirrored wall at the corner where it meets unmirrored wall. No light is actually falling on the unmirrored wall; just the reflection of the light from the mirrors. As it’s not one large mirror, but many smaller squares of mirror with “beveled” edges, the effect is mirrored light reflecting on mirrored light reflecting on white wall, the reflection of the light from the mirror in turn being reflected in the mirror. It appears as a sort of moth-like, symmetrical rorschach of light on white - some of the slivers of light allude to the colors of the rainbow, and jut out in this icon-like crown of heavenly splendor. 2:45 pm and the reflective/ed dazzlement is gone; the white wall catching now only the shadows cast by my sheer white curtains, and me at my desk.

05 December 2009

Future Philosophers of America

Yesterday afternoon I was studying in my living room when I heard a little girl who was walking by ask her mother: "Mommy, how is it that Jesus is God's son?" So cute! Sadly I did not get to hear what must have been a very colorful "explanation" from Mommy.