28 April 2008

The Itch You Just Can't Scratch

When I think "the itch you just can't scratch", I tend to think of that unreachable part in the middle of your back, or, y'know, in the metaphorical sense of satisfaction being juuuust out of reach, like maybe not quite getting to orgasm. But Vagisil has commandeered the phrase for a delightful television commercial. "You know that itch you just can't scratch?" the voice over says, as we see a shame faced woman looking at herself in the mirror. Poor, itchy woman. Men scratch and adjust themselves all day long, and will look you right in the eye while doing so, completely shame free. But itchy lady, no, she must suffer in itchiful silence, until she can get her hands on some relief in the form of Vagisil. By the by, this commercial was shown during a break in the movie "Must Love Dogs". A more appropriate commercial/movie pairing there could not be.