01 November 2007

Press-on Nails: Woe!

Right now, I am woeful aou t my nails. You see these typos? Yes i am leaving them so you can know my woefulness. Becuse the nails make the typing hrd sometimes. And they make my fingers hurt too. The fake nails are glued onto my real nails. But also since my real nails are os short, they are sort of glued to my fingers too. Ouch. The nails make everything difficult, yet they are nice to look at. Here is my fake nail Pro/Con list.

Pro: They look sexy

Con: Wearing them hurts my fingers

Pro: They are goo at scratching itches, or just scratching for fun

Con: Sometimes they scratch plaes that I would rather not be scratching, if you know what I mean, and I think you do

Pro: They make clickity clackity noises when I type, and whenever else I wnt them to

Con: It is very difficult to type with long nails

Pro: Um I think I'M DONE WITH the pro's, now onto the rest of the con's

Con: It's hard to open things, such as bottled water, candy bars, bananas, bras, garter belts, etc. I guess the pro here is that I can use that as an excuse to ask someone to do these things for me.

Con: Sometimes the nails are pushed hard and mae my finger hurt even more

Con: I can't file anything, and I kind of need to

Con: It's tough to "put moves on" boys with the nails in the way

More things like that, but I need A REST from typing. Oh also, they wil not be easy to get off. SPeaking of getting off, imagine how unpleasant masturbating would be eith these thinhs! Yowza! Must remove them post-haste...

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