08 June 2008

God's Sick Sense of Humor

Whoa, an unprecedented THREE blogs posts in ONE twenty four hour period! Yes, I do have better things to do, but I have to tell you about the things I already did. Or that were done to me, by fate, or perhaps the chaos theory in action.

I suppose I get exactly what's coming to me, after dating via the interweb for years. At this point, it seems that no corner in the city is safe from a run-in with an awkward first/last/only date, no restaurant, no store; it's all game now. Today at the grocery store I had my second encounter with a fellow who I ran into on Spring Street yesterday on my way home from the Housing Works outdoor book fair. His friend was barbecuing on the sidewalk; he'd rolled out a patch of astro turf and everything! I declined his offer of a veggie sausage and swam home through the murky pre-thunderstorm air. He's a nice enough guy, but there was just something...off about our interaction.

On my way home from the grocery store I scuttled quickly past a man sitting on a bench outside of the American Apparel on Houston. Thank God for my superhuman power to recognize anyone from any angle even after not seeing them for over two years, or else I wouldn't have noticed creepy depressed guy, the one who spoke only in self deprecating comments, who accosted me with his tongue in the middle of the sidewalk at around 8 pm on a weekday after meeting for coffee at, get this, the Housing Works bookstore cafe (yes, the very same), who didn't leave me alone even after I very nicely explained that the chemistry just wasn't there, who contacted me months later to tell me he bought a building in Williamsburg and needed someone to design a deck. Well, that is who I rushed past on Houston. I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

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