25 August 2009

I Dream of Home

This video, and Bat for Lashes generally, makes me think of the movie and the music from Legend - The Dance sequence, especially, is called to mind here, when Lily is seduced by and becomes dark Lily.

Then at the end when Natasha runs into his arms I think of...A-ha! The "Take on Me" video, which was absolutely without doubt my favorite video when I was a child.

I saw Natasha once when I was reading at Gimme! It was winter, and she was trapped in New York because of a massive snowstorm in London. She was pretty.


  1. This week I read that she had Daniel Larusso (karate kid character) in mind when she wrote this song. That's probably a "duh" for you, though.

  2. I didn't know that! Not a "duh"!