22 October 2009

That's a Cute Top

I used to "hate" yogurt, but as with many food items, I've come around to it in my more "mature" years. By "hate" I mean, never tried except maybe once and always assumed it was really gross and that one time confirmed it, and by "mature" I mean that my taste buds and my mood have evolved to a much more open minded (or open mouthed) place. I love a good pile of unhealthy but delicious crap, but when I'm at home I tend to eat healthy, read: boring and not necessarily known for being of wondrous flavor.

So I decided to give this Fage Greek yogurt a whirl. Looks healthy, and who needs all those added fruit purees to fancy up the flavor when it just exists for the benefit of your gastrointestinal health?

Fage is real thick. REAL thick. Not your run of the mill Yoplait custard style this-yogurt-is-for-pussies yogurt. Not for the faint of heart, or mouth. This is man yogurt. Like that Hungry Man frozen meal (I was wondering if they still sell those and apparently, they do), except it's yogurt. You know how at Dairy Queen when you get a Blizzard, they stick the spoon in and turn it upside down before handing it to you? I bet you could do that with Fage. Eating Fage (pronounced "Fa-yeh!" as they helpfully indicate on the container) is like eating a mighty thick sour cream. It's like that time I made pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon yogurt topping, and the cinnamon yogurt recipe called for "strained" yogurt, that is, real thick-like yogurt. I had to strain it myself. It tasted like sour cream.

Now, I'm a big fan of sour cream. I like to lick the spoon when I prepare something that involves sour cream. Heck, sometimes I will just have a whole spoonful of sour cream, because I am such a fan. What can I say, dad indulged me as a child when he spooned sour cream into my borscht (cold in the summer, hot in the winter) or onto my Russian style French toast (why/how Russion style? May simply have been the substitution of sour cream for syrup), and that was just about every weekend.

Anywho, Fage. Try to eat a serving of that, boy. Whoa! Gag me with a spoon! Literally. Well maybe not literally, I mean I'm using a spoon to eat it, and maybe gagging a little but not perpetrating the act of gagging myself. It's just sort of agonizing to eat a whole cup in one sitting. A WHOLE CUP of THICK SOUR CREAM. I think I'll head back to that Stonyfield Farm YoBaby meal yogurt-for-pussies. I mean babies.

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  1. Clever. Quirky. Refreshingly random. I postively love the way your think! Awesome blog!