29 January 2010

Moonshine in Mine Eyes

Have you ever been so cold that your eyeballs froze? That's how cold out it is, right now. I mean technically your eyes can't freeze, solid, in your head (while you're alive), but they do like, y'know, freeze. It affects my vision!

Meanwhile, as the liquid inside of my eyes grows sluggish, the night sky with the wolf moon is so bright it looks like summer twilight. I missed the moonrise, so I guess I missed the biggest and bestest part.

1 comment:

  1. When it is -40 out, your eyes can definitely freeze. First of all, they feel really cold against the inside of your eyelids when you blink. And yeah, they can get foggy because the ocular fluid starts congealing. Also, as they tear up against the cold, the tears start to freeze on your eyelashes and in the corners.