10 December 2011

Movies Netflix Suggests For Me, And Their Unlikely Inspirations

Suggestion: Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Because I enjoyed: The Kids in the Hall Pilot Episode

Suggestion: Nutcracker The Motion Picture
Because I enjoyed: Parks and Recreation

Suggestion: Marwencol (a documentary about a man brain damaged by a severe beating, and his art)
Because I enjoyed: Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Starting to see a pattern here - serious, thought-provoking films suggested in response to mindless, hilarious comedies. What are you trying to tell me, Netflix?

Suggestion: Yellowstone - Battle For Life
Because I enjoyed: Party Down

Suggestion: In Search of Beethoven
Because I enjoyed: Party Down

Suggestion: Eternal Enemies - Lions and Hyenas
Because I enjoyed: Party Down

Considering Party Down was only on for two seasons, I'm surprised it's getting so much Netflix action here. Seriously now, suggest something based on the nine seasons of X-Files I enjoyed!

Suggestion: PBS - The Buddha
Because I enjoyed: Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
(I guess I kind of get this one - the profundity of life, blah blah blah)

Suggestion: Ken Burns - The War
Because I enjoyed: Mad Men
Uhh, because Don Draper was a veteran?

Suggestion: Romeo & Juliet
Because I enjoyed: The Wizard of Oz
Dorothy and The Wizard - star-crossed lovers?

Suggestion: Law & Order ("cerebral, dark, gritty, suspenseful")
Because I enjoyed: Little House on the Prairie ("sentimental, feel-good")
I...got nothin'. Seriously, help me out here. They both start with the letter L? They're both ripped from the headlines?

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