01 August 2012

Dirty Subject Lines That Are Not Spam

  • Pearl necklaces only 39.99 - 175 value - Value oriented neck decoration. (Beyond the Rack)
  • Pearl Necklace and Earring Set - When the necklace just doesn't cut it anymore, hit the next level: earlobes. (Groupon)
  • Half or More Off Facial - Quickie facial. (AmazonLocal)
  • European Facial - European things are always better, right? (LifeBooker)
  • Laser Facials - For those who want it to hit so hard it leaves a scar. (LifeBooker)
  • 50-minute Facial - For Olympic e*aculators and those that love them. (LivingSocial)
  • Labiaplasty, Facial Package, Online Dating Membership - This one seems specifically geared toward Octo-mom and those of her ilk (are there any of her ilk?? She strikes me as a rare gem, a once in an eon personage, maybe that's just my hope, my dream for humanity). (Lifebooker)
  • Brazilian blowout -  Those Brazilians go hard, so hard they'll blow you right out. (Lifebooker AGAIN)
* Redacted so as to reduce the frequency with which this post appears in searches for, you know, e*aculators. I mean, it's already going to get hit hard with all these facials, blowouts, and pearl necklaces.

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