21 June 2007


Anyone who knows me knows my mean grill. A frightening proportion of my friends tell me that before we became friends they thought I was a bitch, or otherwise feared me in some way. I just don't have a very inviting persona. I've been getting this since high school, this "Man, I thought you were such a bitch!" It's the frownie face, they say. It's intimidating. But that's just how I look, I can't help that. A lucky few have been able to see past the frownie face to the rainbow and unicorn filled interior. In fact, I kind of look like Candyland inside.

However, I fully admit to having a mean grill. I know it's there. I usually don't make an effort to change it to a nice grill. Especially not when I'm walking down the street and don't want to be bothered. Most especially first thing in the morning on my way to work. The only person I may be ok with talking to before 9 am would be someone who spent the night. If you're allowed in my bed, you're allowed to talk to me in the morning.

Now, here's what confuses the hell out of me. I have this scowl on my face. A scowl that has already started to make its permanent mark on the skin between my eyebrows. This scowl keeps away nice girls that I would want to be friends with and dreamy boys that I would want to make out with, but it doesn't seem to keep away douchebag assholes that I would never give the time of day to. I'm walking to work in the morning past all these delivery trucks and the guys making the deliveries, mostly food deliveries, and it's just non-fucking-stop with the "Hello beautiful", "Morning gorgeous", "Let me see you smile sweetie", "Hey sexy". Non-stop.

Why doesn't the scowl stop them?? Doesn't it basically say, almost out loud, "Leave me the fuck alone I'm trying to fucking get to work"? I really feel like it does, but I guess I may have to take to using my vocal cords to let them know.

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