12 June 2007

How Do You Talk to an Angel?

I just had one of those moments where some sense memory whips you back in time so fast you get whiplash. In Duane Reade of all places. It didn't whip me back to any specific event or moment; just to an era. The 90210 era. The Melrose Place era. The Heights era. Yes, The Heights. How do you talk to an angel, I wonder? I knew I recognized it the moment it came on, but not until it got to the chorus did I realize just what song my aural sense was being treated to.

Oh, how I long for those simple days of the early nineties when I was a huge dork and I knew people didn't like me and I knew why. Twelve year olds are much more honest about their scorn than adults are. They'll tell you right to your face. Refreshing.

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