18 December 2007

Need New Cafe

I'm off all next week, and through New Years day. So, it seems, is my beloved corner cafe. Even on those weekends where I don't make it there one day or the other (or preferably, both), my heart aches, yearning for 88 Orchard. It's closed alllll weeeeeek through New Years Day for renovations. So not only will I be hungry and alone, without 88, for at least eight whole days, but when they return they will be renovated! Not the same cafe that I know and love, but something different! OR, horror of horrors, what if they're just SAYING they're closing for renovations, but then NEVER REOPEN?? Like when "My So Called Life" went on "hiatus" but mysteriously never reappeared?? And right when Angela and Jordan Catalano started talking again after he slept with Rayanne in his car!!

So I need to find some place to feed me and keep me warm and provide me with interesting people to watch next week. Preferably within a six block radius of my apartment, near Orchard and Broome. Any suggestions?

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