01 January 2008

Obligatory Resolutions

Some goals for aught 8.

1. Continue to avoid stepping in Chinatown loogies (this is an especially challenging one at the moment, as I am cat sitting for Andrea and Josh who live in Little Italy where it meets Chinatown, and there's absolutely NO WAY to avoid the loogie laden streets via detour.)

2. Continue to not do drugs frequently, and also be more alert so as to make sure friends do not drug my beverages.

3. Participate in more Jams with the family.

4. Attempt to halt the continuing growth of my booty.

5. Become a rock star, or a rock star's girlfriend.

6. Get married and have a baby. Oh wait, that's the resolution of the other 99.3% of women in New York, sorry.

7. Write the next Great American Novel.

8. Try to get into grad school, or whatever.

The end

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