29 January 2008

I do not want your cheap jewelry or fake handbags

Maybe it's my fault for working in Soho, so-ho close to Canal Street and it's fakies. Those guys just wanna sell their wares. Their cheaply made, trashy looking, sometimes illegal wares.

Do I look like I want your fake gold chains? Do I look like I want to buy a knock-off Coach bag for $50 when the the real ones are only $250?? Do I look like those orange complexioned, badly highlighted Jersey broads that come to the city strictly to hit Canal Street? Like, that's all New York has to offer, fake hand bags? I admit I have champagne taste and a beer budget, but I'm not going to use my beer budget to buy street refuse. I'll let the Jersey girls do that so they can save their money for the "tanning" salon and Fantastic Sam's "salon".

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