07 January 2008

Gone, But Not Forgotten

My lip piercing closed up. It was an accident, I wasn't actually ready to let it go yet. How apt for it to close up with the beginning of a new year. My lip seemed to be forcing it out; for a few days surrounding New Year's it felt tight and wouldn't move around like it usually does. So I took it out, for a little rest, see? I've had it out for days at a time before and it only took a little pop to get it back in. Not so this time. I took it out last Wednesday night and when I tried to put it in last night, no deal. No popping through. I met a wall of fleshly resistance. I tried and tried and started to get light headed from the thought of pushing through the flesh with that dull ring edge so then I gave up. Auf wiedersehen, lip piercing. You turned heads in my direction for a solid eight years.

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