08 January 2008

Having a Stevie Wonder Day

This morning when I stopped into Kitchen Commune for a disgusting, watery iced coffee to get me through the morning, Stevie Wonder's "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" was playing overhead. How lovely to start the day with a little Stevie, I thought, as I poured bucketsful of cream and sugar into the mess in my cup. I requested more Stevie when I got to the office, and received the incomparable Innervisions. THEN, get this, when I went into ol' Jubilee across the street on my lunch break, "Part Time Lover", like the best song EVER which will surely be included on my final Love Jam playlist, was playing! In fact, they played a few Love Jam kinda songs while I was there, which made me happy since I'm hella excited about Love Jam, but I will not reveal any further songs from my setlist. Unless you are Ross or Laura, who might accidentally play the same songs.

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