19 February 2008

Fortune Telling Chocolates Keepin' it Real

When I woke up this morning my alarm clock said 9:26. Taking into account the 10 minute pad I stick on, as if it will make any difference, I was supposed to be at work 16 minutes before I woke up. I may have continued to snooze longer still, if not for the disturbing dream I was having. I'm just gonna come right out and say it because there's no way to prepare you for it: I was dreaming that I was Britney Spears, and I was in bed with K-Fed. Now, it's not as racy as it sounds. "Bed" is not code for "sex". It really was just bed. The dream felt soooo loooong, and it was all about the sordid demise of Britney and Kevin's "relationship". What was happening at the very end is that Kevin was fake trying to seduce Britney, (fake because he doesn't love her and he knows it and she knows it and he knows she knows and she knows he knows she knows) and Britney is all, whatever. He's all feeling up on her leg and she (I) don't even care. But she keeps laying there in bed.

I don't think I started the dream as Britney. I think in the beginning I was the observer, as I most often am in dreams. But then my perspective shifted. But really, it just made me think of my parents' relationship. How annoying my father thought my mother was, probably married her for citizenship, my mother really being quite annoying, but my father also being a bit of a prick. Just like Britney and Kevin!

So on my lunch break I got this one little piece of chocolate, that thing that comes in a silver wrapper and has a hazelnut on top and a fortune in the wrapper. Like a fortune cookie, but much more delicious and in four languages. Mine said something along the lines of "Last night you dreamed about love, but then morning came and you woke up." I laughed and laughed! Those fortunes are so smart!

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