09 February 2008

Vigo's Taken Over

There's this rage thing going on in New York right now. Well maybe everywhere, but New York is all I can see; out my window and on the news. This violent, physical rage perpetrated on one human being by another, for what probably amounts to be no real reason whatsoever. I mean, it's New York, New Yorkers are famous for being mean right? But this feels like more. Like there's something in the water making it happen. Perhaps evil slime flowing underground, a la Ghostbusters 2? Maybe it's been like this all along and I just never noticed, or it was never around me on the formerly quiet streets south of Delancey. Just now, tonight, outside my window, I heard yelling. It didn't escalate into a fight within my line of vision, but that fight in midtown last weekend that was on the news tonight sure did escalate. The one that someone recorded from their hotel room. The one where a bunch of guys beat another one who was on the ground, and then got into a white Escalade and ran someone over. With an Escalade. The fight that had apparently been going on for a while before the recording started, and where were the police? And where were the police that night that I was apartment sitting in Little Italy and heard a fight outside, and looked to see a very similar incident to the midtown one, right before my eyes. Screaming women in the background while a bunch of guys kicked a guy on the ground. It seemed like it went on forever, and the police that I called didn't arrive until long after the beaters and their women had driven off in their white SUV limo. Maybe it's something about being in enormous white SUVs?

So here's what we need to do: we need to infuse the Statue of Liberty with good slime, and good music, so she can bring goodwill and compassion back to the city, as we seem to be desperately lacking.

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