22 July 2008

BoBo Poultry is closing, Carina's NOT sad

BoBo Poultry, known affectionately by me as the Scourge of Broome St., is closing down. Or rather, moving to Brooklyn (beware, Linden Hill!). Final day of business at 287 Broome is 25 July, and I couldn't be happier! See, I believe BoBo, where they slaughter and sell chickens (they like to refer to the chickens as "freshly killed" on the website), is the main source of the stench on Broome St. Blood running into the street, rotting flesh, etc. Mmmm, I can smell it now, in my mind's nose! 

I can't imagine what might go in that space after BoBo vacates. A club, a la Meatpacking District? There's no way they could ever scrub the filth from that place. Anywho, if you live near 1131 Grand St, I suggest giving that address a wide berth if you find yourself traveling the heel-toe express in that 'hood.  


  1. You're out of luck. The stench comes from Yu & Qiang distributors located right across the street on Broome Street. It's coming from the many many boxes of mainstream (Allen & Mountainaire) chickens they sell from there. Sorry to say, but you're probably going to have to live with that smell for many many years. Bo Bo Poultry did not contribute to that awful smell... But I guess you'll find that out soon enough... In fact I tried to water down the sidewalks to get rid of the smell left from their many many trucks. Good Luck!

  2. people are reading, dear cars. i like that a lot. keep writing.

  3. What's funny about this is that the stench is most strong directly outside of BoBo, and I usually cross the street (to outside of Yu & Qiang, where the "mainstream" dead, rotting chickens are, I suppose) to avoid it. Perhaps the scent is drifting across the street and giving BoBo, like that tramp in that Bon Jovi song gave love, a bad name.

    The point is, mostly I'm glad there's one less slaughterhouse in my neighborhood, not to mention one less business wasting water by drenching the sidewalks!