27 August 2010

Morning Surprise

I have one of those little Bialetti stove top coffee makers. It supposedly serves three, i.e., it makes three shots of "espresso," but it's not really espresso, and it's not really enough for me (and it's not even the smallest one they have!). So sometimes in the morning when I'm making my iced coffee, if my room-mate has left coffee in the French press from the day before, I pilfer a tad to round out my cup. I justify my pilfering of day old counter top coffee by saying, that's MY French press she's using, and she never even cleans it! That's the Jewish half of me, being guilty for taking day old coffee, and making ridiculous excuses to lessen the guilt, and then feeling ridiculous for making ridiculous excuses.

I haven't done this in a while, because my room-mate will often come home at night and finish the coffee - but last night, she did not, and that half full pot was staring me in the eyeballs this morning. To my delightful surprise, upon my first sip I tasted a hint of cinnamoniness; when I returned the ice cube tray to the freezer I noticed the can of Trader Joe's gingerbread coffee. Off season: maybe. Magically delicious: a thousand times yes.

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