17 May 2007

New York: Continually Shocking

New York City, quite possibly one of the freakiest cities on earth (Gibsonton, Florida, of course, takes the title of THE freakiest), a city where weird shit happens with such regularity that it becomes, well, almost regular, still has not failed to keep me in shock mode.

On my way to work, walking down Broome through the LES, I pass tons of delivery trucks dropping off (or picking up?) veggies, frozen fries, whatevs. These are the trucks that make my commute a living hell as they are responsible for the presence of the food that creates such a foul aroma. But I digress. These trucks are your usual New York delivery trucks, I suppose, all graffitied up. But in all my time walking this route to work (over a year now), I have never noticed this thing that I noticed twice in as many days. Turning the corner from Eldridge onto Broome I saw a truck with a little pink teddy bear strapped to the front. It was a bit dirty, mangy, but still quite obviously a pink teddy bear. The following day I lunched near Kenmare Square by La Esquina. I saw a truck turning onto Kenmare going east (I assume toward that nasty are of Broome) which had a pretty large sized stuffed bunny strapped to the front. Is this new, or have I just not been paying attention?? I consider myself a pretty highly observant person, how could I have missed this? Why do they do it? How do they pick what it will be? Do they replace them often??

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