10 October 2007

ANTI Anti-folk

What in mother fucking god almighty's name is this genre of so-called music referred to as "anti-folk" wherein young females (and sometimes males, though the broads are what concern me here) purporting to be musicians of the "singer songwriter" variety warble like pigeons while putting on a show of strumming on a guitar or pounding out a few notes on a piano?????? I can't watch a single goddamn TV show without being put through the agony of a commercial that Regina Spektor or one of her (unfortunately) many sound-alikes provided the "musical" distraction for.

Don't offend me or real musicians by citing the likes of Bjork, Siouxsie Sioux, Tori Amos, Holly Golightly, Liz Phair (the list goes on and yes there is a long list of actually
talented female musicians) as influences for your empty, uninspired "music". You cunts don't even deserve to listen to them, never mind have their names pass through your wizened, sallow lips.

Regina Spektor and her shitty copycat followers can take a fucking hike back to whatever god forsaken hole they crawled out from under to torture my poor aural sense. Please note that I have nothing personal against Regina Spektor. She may even be nice, but that's unlikely as she's Russian, and most Russians are big, gaping assholes. Prove me wrong, just try.

Bat For Lashes. Now there's a girl band I can get in bed with. I mean get on board with.

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