24 October 2007

Tonality, in a Superficial Sense

There's this nice boy I know that reminds me of this annoying boy I know. The nice boy is quite worthy of being fancied, I'd say, but he so reminds me of the annoying boy that I'm having a tough time fancying him. It's not so much the way he looks, though there's some resemblance in stature, and slightly in the face. The nice boy is better looking. It's more about the tone. The way he speaks. The way they both speak. When the nice boys speaks, I hear the annoying boy. See, the annoying boy is so very annoying. He fancies himself quite the Renaissance man, and loves to talk about it. "It" being his many and varied talents. Of which none are really very good, as far as I can tell. But maybe I'm biased because I find him so very annoying. That sort of kills everything else for me. Also, I tend to think that such annoying people can't possibly have any talent, well, at least what I think of as talent. However, the nice boy does have actual talent, so perhaps that will help me overcome this nasty case of cross identification.

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