11 March 2008

Chirp Chirp STAB

Monday morning, the day following the "spring forward" daylight saving, I awoke naturally at 8 am. And then I heard them. The birds. The chirping birds. Not just any chirping birds, the really annoying chirping birds that have this long, drawn out, ascending chirp that drives me INSANE. They like to sit on the fire escape and CHIRP. All the time. Forever. I happened to wake up on my own Monday morning, but hereafter, until next winter or until I move to somewhere those birds aren't, whichever comes first, those goddamn birds will wake me up. And you know what? Winter isn't even a safe haven. They don't disappear completely during the winter. I've heard them here and there, chirping away. They won't let me escape, the birds. They'll always be there.

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