12 March 2008


Now, I'm not one of those bag ladies. I'm hardly even obsessed with shoes. I like a nice bag and sure, I like a nice shoe, but my real fashion obsession would be for clothing, particularly dresses, more particularly, couture dresses. Which I can look at and love though I will never wear them. But like I says, I'm not a bag lady. Until I saw this Marc Jacobs Evening Rana Pouch:


OMG, it has a frog on it. With GEMS for eyes! It's a lovely little bag, frog or no, but the frog is what really seizes hold of my little heart. While searching for a photo of this thing, I came across a few blogs talking about this very recently debuted $795 pouch. And you know what? None of them like the frog! WTF? Tasteless fools.

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