14 March 2008

Window Shopping

Sitting right next to the huge windows in my office on Broadway does have some perks. Mostly I freeze in the winter and am blinded by the sun when it gets to a certain level in the sky, but I get to peek into the huge windowed places across the street, and also I get to laugh at the people sitting on top of those double decker tourist buses. The three buildings in my line of vision have all been renovated recently-ish, so I see the progress of change and of people moving in. I think most are design kinda places, graphics, marketing, architecture, whatever, but one directly across the street on the same level as my office is residential. They have little kids there and around Christmas they stuck Christmas tree drawings in the windows. Very adorable, and sweet to look at on those two days that it actually snowed this winter.

But now, right at this moment, there are three little hipster boys scrub scrub scrubbing away on some windows. I mean, they're really putting some elbow grease into this, they've been cleaning these three big windows for like thirty minutes now! They're even getting the outside, those bravey braversons! I wonder what their office will be. Magazine? Fashion house? Restaurant group? Maybe we should get one of those string and cup "phone" lines going, dang that would be awesome. Anyone know how to get one of those up and running?

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