13 March 2008

One Step Beyond

Today, my day of birth, all of my co-workers are wearing fake tattoos, including my boss. Fake tattoos for "old folks" that say things like "Grand Mom" and "Retirement Homeboy" and such. Just for me, for little old me! Well not OLD me. Not that old, at least. I welcome, embrace, and LOVE my birthday. Maybe it's because I expect pampering on that day, to be spoiled rotten the way I was as a child. Another year, another birthday, another step closer to 30. But who are we kidding, I'll just be 28 forever! Henceforward, we'll be celebrating the anniversary of my 28th birthday. 29 would be too obvious, and you know how I hate being obvious. When I got out of bed this morning, this is the song I put on first thing:

P.S. If you can get me those earrings for my birthday I will be your BFF.

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