28 May 2009


Daisy is here at the library today. She seems to be filling something out, some kind of application, maybe way overdue tax forms? She's using one of those pens that my grandmother always uses, the ones that have all kinds of colors available - change from red to black to green with a mere click! I think she's on to me being on to her. I'm not a very sneaky peeker. I imagine her coming over and rapping my knuckles with that pen of hers. I know I wouldn't stand for some hooligan young lady staring at me - if I had a dime for every time I said "take a picture it lasts longer" when I was in high school I'd be RICH. Then again I guess going into Burger King with a gown on is sort of asking for it a little. In conclusion, when I'm 80 and have purple hair and fuchsia lipstick and blue eyeshadow and one of those turban things and gems on each and every finger, I will still be handing out the stink-eye to the starers.

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