22 May 2009

Guy in Sling Watches Film at Cafe

I'm sitting next to a fellow at Gimme!, and he is just obsessively wiping down his laptop. Like there's no tomorrow. I've considered that maybe there was a mis-hap before I arrived, a spill, maybe a really juicy sneze, but something about him just screams "I must obsessively wipe down the keyboard and screen of my laptop because dust is EVIL and I must DEFEAT it!". And I think he's just watching a movie. Why come to a cafe and watch a movie on your laptop?? I'm doing exactly what one should be doing on a laptop at a cafe - checking my email, checking facebook, checking Gawker.

In other news, the sunburn on my back is peeling quite grossly. Reminds me of the days back in Florida when I would set myself to roast in the sun and could later peel my skin like when you let glue dry on your fingers.


  1. How did you manage a sunburn?! It's been sunny for like half a day!

  2. I was out in the sun for that half day - without my magical hat OR a parasol!