14 May 2009


I don't have the internet at home, since I'm a poor student, so I come to the library to satisfy any interweb needs I have. Lately there's been an older woman coming in and sitting near where I sit. She's always coughing a very phlegmy cough, and every time she coughs she seems surprised that she just can't shake it. I hadn't really gotten a look at her until a few minutes ago when she got up to get a book - she's looking pretty hip in boots, a black pencil skirt, and a paisley print shirt. Just now I looked up and noticed that she has her nose buried in an old copy of The Great Gatsby and I thought "this lady with this crazy makeup and frizzy/mussy short hair looks old enough to have LIVED The Great Gatsby." This is the kind of old lady I want to be one day - crazy makeup, crazy hair, crazy outfit, sitting in the local library reading something that totally makes sense with all the craziness.

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