26 May 2009


I know I've talked about this before - I know I have. But doesn't it sometimes feel like Ghostbusters II when the evil slime is flowing beneath the city and increasing in volume proportional to the evilness of the New Yorkers who are evil because of the slime and so on in cyclical fashion? Like, evil upon evil perpetuated by evil? For example: I was at the library, as usual (no Daisy today), when I heard a man spewing profanities at someone in the corner. In the LIBRARY. Where there are children, and other sensitive ears. Apparently this man was not happy with the person under verbal attack, for not having covered his mouth (properly, or at all?) when coughing/sneezing. The yeller kept yelling, the cougher/sneezer kept quietly defending his germ spreading ways - I didn't understand how it could be carrying on for so long. The mean guy giving his verbal mauling, the other guy making excuses for not covering his mouth, on and on. Finally the cougher/sneezer got up and left. I don't know what became of the yeller.

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